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*Push damn it*

I won't let this rock crash here. I... Won't!!!

*Soon the light explodes in a surge tossing all ships out of the way like rag dolls. The asteroid begins moving away from the planet. The surge of energy surges past the rift and into the Iconian hovel and wipes them out completly. It also seals the dark area from all. The light is shown from all corners of the galaxy as a bright green and blue light. A small symbol of Starfleet forms out of the light and shoots out .*
Ryan: Oh my...

He did it. He saved everything.

*Across the Galaxy, humans begin returning to how they were before Northman. Though more enlightened, mentally.*

*The Veil*

Siraga: The Iconian threat is over, for now. But, why do I have the feeling that things have yet to return to normal?

*In a dark corner of the Third farthest Galaxy from the Milky Way, a room full of figures, their identities hidden by the shadows, discuss events.*

Figure 1: They believe this is over?

Figure 2: Even the Guardian, Siraga, believes we are gone.

Figure 3: Siraga is impossibly disloyal. Betraying his kind to help these animals?!

Figure 4: We will deal with them all, when the time comes.

*The Veil.*

Siraga: *A look of fear takes over his face* Oh, Maker. They are coming. They are coming.

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