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Ryan: Oh my...

He did it. He saved everything.

*Across the Galaxy, humans begin returning to how they were before Northman. Though more enlightened, mentally.*

*The Veil*

Siraga: The Iconian threat is over, for now. But, why do I have the feeling that things have yet to return to normal?

*In a dark corner of the Third farthest Galaxy from the Milky Way, a room full of figures, their identities hidden by the shadows, discuss events.*

Figure 1: They believe this is over?

Figure 2: Even the Guardian, Siraga, believes we are gone.

Figure 3: Siraga is impossibly disloyal. Betraying his kind to help these animals?!

Figure 4: We will deal with them all, when the time comes.

*The Veil.*

Siraga: *A look of fear takes over his face* Oh, Maker. They are coming. They are coming.
*Allen's light reaches them and seals them into place permanently .* You will not harm anyone ever again. You have lost.

*OOC the change is supposed to be a permanent one. expanded conciousness and understanding without misconception.*