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Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
thats why i am votet many times to bring a much harder stf lvl into the game the elite lvl is a joke thats why players try to get a challenge on this way.

and gz

It's not that they're too easy, it's that you're not looking at a PUG of New players, nor a group of low-average players, but a TEAM of VERY skilled players there, who work together well and probably have good commo going.

Note that they didn't get the Optional. "Optional Failed" in the little blue box.

Contrast with the guys who need T5 ships with all Borg/MKXII with JUST the right BOFFs-and still fail the mission (Usually,but not always, blaming someone else for their failure.)

Note also, these guys were lined up for the screen-shot, and holding an actual formation. This is akin to watching the Blue Angels over Lake Washington at SeaFair, then claiming that the F-18 is "Too easy to fly".

Match the Accomplishment, THEN you can say the STF's are too easy.