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Originally Posted by domparis View Post
Instead of a whole corridor of quarters you could just use the turbolift and where the Tactical, Science and Engineering options are there is a Personnel Quarters option which takes you to your own personnel Quarters and to get to someone elses Quarters you will have to be invited. You can chose what your Quarters look like in the way you chose the bridge of your ship.
Well, with the Crew Deck I was thinking that it be an actual Deck, like Tactical, Science, ect. You would have a door that led to and instanced room which would be your quarters (or invited quarters) but also move the Bar and Chef there and have an actual Mess Hall (the KDF have one already that looks REALLY nice, but it looks like the Fed one was just an afterthought) and also have the Club move down there so there is room to make it a decent club not just a small dance floor in the corner. You could also give the counselor an actual office so she isn't just standing around (I think if I was going to meet with a counselor, I may want to meet in an office, not a common area). Then that whole upper area of the Ops section could be a large meeting room of sorts.

And give the Feds some working seats PLEASE!