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08-19-2012, 04:07 PM
Best thing to get first is more character slots so you can try out the other classes. It's nice to have one of every class on both sides as you never know when you may want to be a KDF Sci or Fed Eng. Multiple characters will also help earn more dilithium and that can be turned into more Zen points as you will need 2500 for any of the account wide level 50 ship unlocks. The increased EC cap is also a useful unlock early on since it is account wide too.

I would avoid getting any of the bank, account bank or inventory slot increases as if you really want those unlocks, it is best to find a cheap copy of the game on Amazon or Ebay and use the code to get Gold for a month and get all those bank and inventory slot increases for free from the Gold membership. That will also give you 500 zen too for being gold for a month.