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08-19-2012, 03:19 PM
Facts are good. Lets deal in facts shall we?

Fact: all of what you are saying about Cryptic's motivation is speculation.
Fact: all of what you are saying about legal aspects is speculation.
Fact: most of what you are saying about the programming side of the game is speculation.
Fact: you have never seen the code for STO.
Fact: you do not know what Cryptic's developers are spending their time on.


Given that this is beta version 0.8, it's pretty sweet. It is taking them longer than we would like to come out with features we've been asking for.

Fact: Cryptic is a for-profit business.
Fact: If Cryptic does not make a profit, there will likely not be a Star Trek Online.

Look at the fate of so many other games.

I am totally not surprised that their development priorities lie elsewhere than the foundry. Speculating about stuff you have no facts about is not constructive. Just keep posting feature ideas for the Foundry and doing what you can to promote your missions and get more players to play them.

My opinion is that if Cryptic were to see lots more regular players running Foundry missions other than Fed Quickie, they might think Foundry was a higher priority. Personally I think they should set special rewards for the best Foundry missions, based partially on how long the missions take. That would give people a reason to not do "Fed Quickie." Then you'd see a lot more people playing the good Foundry missions, which would in turn lead to more attention for the problems that are entailed in creating better ones.