Thread: Can you crash?
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08-19-2012, 07:11 PM
Actually I think collision damage would be an interesting addition and it would add a level of realism missing in the game. STO is one of the few MMOs out where you can actually bump into objects, get jostled by pedestrians in a crowd, etc., but the realism ends when your ship hits an object, bounces off a station, comes to a dead stop after flying head first into a planet.
I'm constantly embarrassed by my Odyssey or rather my driving when it coasts long after I've hit stop (The Odyssey most certainly does not stop on a dime) then crashes into ESD, and nothing looks sillier than that huge ship bouncing off of a planet.
The addition of actual damage when colliding would remind pilots that they aren't flying a bumper car, ramming could be a viable last resort battle tactic, and flying too close to a planet will have very fiery consequences.