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# 424 Get Target of Focus ?
08-19-2012, 09:47 PM
After oogling through all flippin 40 pages, I can not find this keybind:

Team Mate says: Target is $target

Purpose: He wants the rest of us to shoot at what he is targeting.

Now, there are focus in STO, and there is a way to get the focus as your target.
But I'll be damned if I can find a way to get his target as my target without actually using the mouse cursor and klick on either that player/mob or the Target-of-target frame while having team mate X as target...

This clumsy way of targeting someone elses target is not an option for me, not in space, nor in ground.
Reason: I always use MouseLook to steer, be it my character on ground, or the starship in space. PvP or PvE - I always use MouseLook. For this reason I been looking for a way to aquire Target of Focus as my target - to no avail.

The built in auto-assist is not a good option either because if the friendly I have as target (and auto assisting) get either defeated, scrambled, or he change target himself to use maybe a heal or a buff on someone... Well then the auto assist does not work since I'm suddenly finding myself either with no target or trying to assist on a friendly.

What is the keybind (if there is any at all) to set Focus/team mates target as my target?

EDIT :: Scratch that! I found it I think...

/bind G focustargetselect$$assist

That did the trick... It instantly gets me the target of whomever I have as focus when hitting the G key.

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