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08-20-2012, 12:07 AM
It's pretty nasty of a setup but using 3 retro borg pieces the console, deflector, and engine plus the KHG shield... The Commander and Ensign Engineering plus that set effect you get from 3 parts of the retro borg set give it all the healing/defense it needs to where you can have 3 tactical stations including the universal.

Some of the others are not bad that bop with 2x LC universals when I get that I have some good options of being able to run rapid fire 3, sci team 3, and EPW3 for some nice offense and healing for that one.

The orion one its layout seems that it will be an awesome new experience for the Orion lovers... Being able to use those advanced interceptors with the ability to put some TBR's and Grav Wells on that thing its gonna be great for the blockade runner within you

As far as like the negh'var and vo'quv and any other KDF Tier 4-5 shipyard ships they just don't seem to have the eye catchers these others have as far as any different or unique than these others at Tier 1-3. Although I will say the nausicaan one just doesn't appeal either but it could be modified to be our KDF version of the armitage as being like having 1 hangar to use the siphon pods which are nausicaan tech.

I can see if like the fleet vo'quv gave us back the original 3 waves per hangar we used to have over the 2 you get on the standard vo'quv that would be interesting but as is there are quite a few ships on KDF side and Fed side that need some reworking done before ppl will want them.