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Just a note; plenty of professional programmers comment about how "easy" or "hard" it would be to do X in their experience. I don't doubt what they say. But, I have to ask, how much of that experience is within the Cryptic engine and how it is implemented in STO?

And if it is; Cryptic is hiring. If you think you can do better, for god's sake please do.
I am working with an East coast business firmware company at the moment and don't have plans to move from my comfort zone. We don't make video games which is pretty good, because business software isn't so demanding. lol

But I have done my fair share of modding with games which I blame for landing me in this position. I did the "Tenpenny Stories" game mod a few year ago with my kid brother. Which got into some heavy programming for something that was just an idle lunch conversation. So I know I could "do better" it is just a matter of not working at Cryptic and I am sure they don't want me messing with the code just to prove my point. Do not attempt to mod this game you will get banned!

From what I am seeing and reading on this forum the focus of Cryptic is to get Neverwinter online next year and the Foundry working on it first and foremost. I just want the players to know that programming is fun and you need mad math skills to do it. So stay in school and learn the math. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.