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Since the launch of Season 6, if I recall correctly, I have been having an issue if I queue up for an STF or fleet event and then switch maps while "waiting for other players" or during the "game starting" countdown. In the past, if you were loading a map when the game actually started, the game would switch you to loading the new map while you were still at the loading screen. Now, I go to the new map instead of getting redirected to the STF or fleet event, and the "game starting" screen disappears. The game will then show me as not being in a queue, but if I try to re-queue for the same event/STF I get a message saying that I am already in that event.

I've simply avoided beaming up or down or changing sector blocks while waiting for a game to start, but I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem and whether it could be addressed in a future patch. Thanks!

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