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1: Books are by no means canon, and do no in any way indicate the Star Trek characters. You will never convince me that books can represent the canon universe... Only the views of the writer, who usually is clueless.

2: Data can in fact be connected and interact directly with starfleet equipment, as seen in the episode "Disaster" where his head only practically interacts with the entire engineering subsystem (yet another example of how writers are clueless).

3: Datas systems are in fact fully capable of transferring information from his brain to starfleet systems, as seen in that episode where the old guy takes him over, and then finally downloads his knowlege into the Enterprise computer, or in nemesis where data transfers information and part of his personallity to B4 (as said: clueless).

Don't bother wasting your time on the lack of writer knowlege with books... It's them who fail... not you. try to enjoy the book while disregarding obvious writer-errors.
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