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With well over 100 Fleets in STO, you may find it difficult to decide which right Fleet is for you. Please, learn everything that is possible there is to about all the fleets out there.

Or simply warp over to Boq botlhra’ghom (Alliance Central Command) - thirst for battle dictates that if you are reading this, you are considering the Boq botlhra’ghom (Alliance Central Command) - and we have prepared our Home section to give you enough data to make an informed choice.

Our Fleet is small but looking to grow. We have a TeamSpeak3 server at your disposal, and our members enjoy teaming to enrich the gameplay for everyone. We are Klingons and other races who embrace Honor and (in 2409) the use of controlled aggression to decisively win battles and protect the Empire. We ally with other Klingon House's to expand teaming possibilities in-game, and have a worldwide membership of avid STO gamers who have high interest in game mechanics, strategy and tactics, and team coordination so that each member plays to their unique character and ship strengths. We enjoy discovering new features (and well-hidden old features!) of STO, and are actively discussing a number of subjects including skill point distribution, ship selection, and specific career field tips. We have a discussion area or "Main Hall" for discussions that are common to all career fields.

Follow your sense of Honor to Boq botlhra’ghom (Alliance Central Command) and join us - the quadrant needs your help to protect The Empire's interests!

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