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Originally Posted by eradicator84 View Post
Ooh, nice idea. Having tc applied to the caster should be ok too. Like applying apd to a freighter to buff its defences, and makes you more of a priority target over the freighter which helps it more.

To yourself a threat buff, maybe to others a threat debuff? (along with current benefits)

Whoah, now we're talking about threat control as an actual game mechanic that can be used tactically.
I agree, the concept put into that light does seem very appealing.

Allowing a ship, to simultaneously draw threat, reduce an ally's threat and increase that target's survivability seems like a very interesting mechanic.

I'm not sure how often it would actually be used because using a power with +500% threat generation on yourself might simply be enough to grab the attention of an NPC in most situations.

That being said more options are better, imo.

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