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Originally Posted by archoncryptic View Post
Can you please give me the details on the specific items that are not fixing themselves when you zone? For example, are these green or blue items? What properties (i.e. damage, accuracy, etc.) do they have?

Thanks for the information. We're continuing to investigate this issue.
They are the phased tetryon weapons which are only purple.

Phased Tetryon Cannon MK XII [acc]x2 This weapon is not showing the Tetryon Proc (all three of them I have)

Cannon info linky

Phased Tetryon High Density Beam Rifle MK XI [CrtD] [KB3] Also not showing Tetryon Proc.

Rifle info linky

If it helps, the character is Morgan West@Protector
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If the KDF can get a Fleet D7 (That can be upgraded to a T5-U), the Feds should have a Fleet Exeter.

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