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Originally Posted by lostmoony View Post
optional win or not .... for "shuttles" there is no way to bring the generator in the short time down to win optional, the point is you have shown how nuuby the missions are if you do it with normal ships in ~5-6 min where is the challenge

and you show that it can be done with shuttles what have 1-2 weapons.
Oddly enough, we think Shuttles could be easier, as the Delta Flyer's hull strength scales to the player's rank. At Vice Admiral, it's got more hit points than our Constitutions and Mirandas. Two weapons would be sufficient, assuming we used all buffs and debuffs available to us in combination with the gravitic anchor and tricobalt spam.

The optional however, is basically impossible, as it requires the tactical cube to be destroyed within 15 minutes of the mission start. Shuttles and T1 ships simply don't have the damage potential to pull that off.

Originally Posted by nikolaivladikov View Post
Good luck doing ISE with shuttles. Seen a youtube vid of a group doing ISN (Infected Space Normal) in shuttles, looked pretty cool, well thought out too with good comms that you could hear.
Be interesting to see a group do ISE in shuttles so good luck

Edit: It was an Ausmonauts vid, so good luck to you on the Elite
That was us. A couple of people in the video were also involved in this one.