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Originally Posted by hpcapulet View Post
They never used data as a VCR out of respect for him as a person. Ooops sorry to any youngsters, DVR, better?
This doesn't really add up, though. If he had objected to the use of his unique abilities, then respect might be a consideration. But he offered his physical strength and intelligence freely. The time he connected himself to Locutus, or willingly allowed his body to be used by another intelligence like the nanites, he risked himself in ways the rest of the crew fundamentally couldn't, simply to allow his unique abilities as an android to be used for the mission.

He allowed himself to be disassembled, connected to all manner of strange devices, he was used as a battering ram and a calculator, even at one point allowed a non trivial part of his mind to be used to help run the ship. It's kind of odd that after all that free use of his unique abilities, he or the crew asking this of him would draw the line at visual playback.