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Originally Posted by dood98998 View Post
Alas, the cruiser didn't deserve saving- it must have been a serious noob at the pilot seat to ever drop below 50 percent in pve (one hitters aside). We don't want somethhing to make pve easier, its already a faceroll. What we want is a buff to a skill that makes it easier to direct the npc's attention.
Alas your attempt to devalue my example devalues your own argument.

1) Not being able to put threat onto other players, has absolutely nothing to do with making PvE easier. I'm not sure what could possibly have lead you to this conclusion.

2) You don't want PvE to be easier but you want it to be easier to direct their attention. Which is it? Do you want things to be easier or you don't want them to be easier?

3) You, rather randomly, decide to toss out the "PvE is a faceroll" argument. If PvE is a faceroll, then we do not need the suggestion you support, putting threat onto others, either. In fact, if it's a faceroll then we can happily continue without any threat mechanics at all.

So are you here to actually discuss why threat control would be good, or is PvE a faceroll and you can safely leave this thread as it serves no purpose for you?

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