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I may have some spare points in my build and I'm thinking of throwing a few of them in the way of ground combat. However, I am not certain which gives the most "bang for the buck" - Weapon Proficiency vs. Combat Specialist.

While I realize that Combat Specialist helps with melee, melee is done maybe 10% of the time in ground combat at MOST, in my experience, and often enough is just to get someone in range to make shooting more viable again. So if Weapons Proficiency gives a bigger bump to energy weapons then I might as well put the points in that instead.

Although it would seem obvious that the more expensive Combat Specialist would boost the results more, it does not seem to necessarily be the case, at least according to how stats work for space-based combat - according to previous posts I've seen, apparently Starship Weapons Training (Lt. skill) gives more of a bonus than the more expensive Starship Energy Weapons and Starship Projectile Weapons (Lt. Cmdr skills). Unfortunately I do not believe anyone has done much of a workup on how much these skills benefit ground combat.

As such, if anyone has insight, I would greatly appreciate it. The web site that has the information on the effects of the skill stats is (and has often been posted, but including it anyway):