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Thinking of starting up the Shuttlecraft races again!

Race Types: (Using all Space PVP maps, yes - all!)
- Fastest around the Map
- Survival Race
- Last man standing (1 death only)
- Possible Bonus Escort Race

- Full Impulse Speed racing!
- Team vs. Team racing (support your shipmates with strategy!)
- No fleet support
- No Harpeng Torpedoes
- No Weapons on the fastest around the map
- No Cloaks (except by a course official)
- KDF or Fed can be used
- Can customize & tune ships however you want, engines, boosts, deflectors, etc.
- Can use Shuttlecraft, Fighters or the Captain's Yacht.

- Point scoring system, where winners earn 1 point (bragging rights) and maybe a possible prize at the end of the month (to be discussed further)

A Course official will supervise in a cloaked Escort... any rule breakers or those straying will of course be immediately blown to smithereens. ;-)
- Cy

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