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Just throwing in a quick update; having played about a bit more, i've tweaked my "control" and "damage" setup's BOFF layout to the following:


The only problem now is that I've gotten so used to being able to use Torpedo Spread III, Fire at Will and Gravity Well/TBR/EWP all on the same ship (whilst putting out significant DPS and being able to tank any ESTF cube) that I've become somewhat reluctant to go back to flying my trusty Fleet Escort...
I like your thinking here, but I'm a little confused about your last statement. How can you do Torpedo Spread 3, Fire at Will and Gravity Well/TBR/EWP all on the same ship? Looking at the Tac Ody stations I can only come up with Torpedo Spread 2, Fire at Will 1, and then Gravity Well/TBR/EWP.

LTC Universal Station:
ST 1, TBR 1, GW 1

E Universal Station:
TT 1

LT Tac Station:
BA: FaW 1, TS 2

COM Eng Station:
EPtS 1, ET 2, EWP 1, Aux2SIF 3

LT Sci Station:
HE 1, TSS 2

It is late and I might be missing something so please let me know how you did the TS3 & GW 1 on the same Tact Ody. I would love to match that and give it a try.