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Remember last September, when you released the Venture class ship on the C-store (back when it was a C-store)? I bought it because it looked beautiful, like a Galaxy should have looked from day one (although I still like the original nacelles and pylons, but that's just me).

Imagine my surprise when, while trying to customize the ship you sold me, I noticed all the windows were broken. I had blue windows on the neck, beige windows on the engineering hull, and half the windows under the saucer were simply missing. I realize this is minor, but I paid real money for this thing. one year into the future. Is this thing fixed? No. It's still broken. You've added a bunch more ships to the C-store, and I've supported your company with further purchases, with the hope that you'd fix the one you sold me.

But it isn't fixed. It's still broken. Sure, it's only a visual change...but it's a visual change we paid for with real money, since there wasn't a way to earn Cryptic Points in-game back then. In essence, something you sold us was not as advertised, and we want it fixed, especially since the Fleet Exploration Cruiser is on the horizon...yet another thing on which you expect many of us to spend real money.

I'm not complaining about the quality of the ship (one of the more beautiful ships in the game, if you ask me), and I have very few complaints about the game in general...but please, PLEASE, tell us when you plan to fix this thing. The ships are the real stars of Star Trek Online, IMHO; they need more attention to detail than this.