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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
Then we're in agreement.

My Tac/Cruiser has no issues with only 6 ranks of threat, but even then I'd take APD for the synergy with teammate's APB (my friends always pack APB).

My Eng/Cruiser sometimes struggles with what you describe, even with 9 ranks of threat. I've been pushed to the least survivable, most offense focused layout for an ody I can come up with just to remedy it.

So yes, I would very much prefer to have at least 1 BOFF skill with threat generation, and I think APD is an excellent candidate.

I just don't feel it's wise to allow one player to increase the threat of another player.

I'd much rather see 1 player able to increase their threat, with another player having something of a placate/threat reducing power to draw on.
And this is where our views differ. I have friends in escorts who would be more than willing to cast apb on me to increase threat, so that the admonitor can draw fire. If the threat generated is porportional tto points in tc, then the player receiving it would only have threat generated if they have tc, and if you hhave tc and can't handle the threat, you seriously need a respec.
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