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Originally Posted by bumbleduck View Post
Its not only you who sees it. and, yes, it is an oversight.

Because you will also notice most of the regant parts do notwork with the other assualt cruiser parts.

That is what you get when the designer tries to be clever and make akira style split hull...
What? How does this stem from the split hull? The Regent's nacelles clip into the saucer when you switch hulls because:

1. The Regent hull is longer than any of the other Assault Cruiser hulls.
2. The Regent Nacelles are longer than the other Assault Cruiser nacelles
3. The Regent Pylons are swept forward.

Therefore, switching hulls but not pylons brings the nacelles farther forward. You get the same result if you try to combine some skins and hulls as well on other ships.

BUT, if you use the backswept pylons with the short hulls, there's no problem. The split hull has nothing to do with the positioning of the pylons.