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08-20-2012, 11:25 PM
This ship, IMHO, is absolutely gorgeous.

Have you ever thought of a ship that was juuuuust about to go to warp...that moment when it stretches out, when the potential energy of the warp core is in the process of being translated into kinetic energy? This ship looks like that, all the it's hauling butt when it's sitting still.

The 'split hull' doesn't look like a split-hull design to me; it looks like a pair of structural beams that form the backbone of the ship, that start at the front of the saucer, and run all the way to the stern, in one piece; carving out the center area to reduce unnecessary mass just makes sense; why fill it in with extra mass (which, in spite of inertial dampeners, would increase the power needed to move the ship), when you don't need extra stuff in there?

The small deflector is another thing I hear some people complaining about; it's no smaller than the deflector on the Excelsior, and larger than that of many other ships in the game; as a result, I find its size perfectly feasible.

To the artist, kudos; the more I look at your ship, the more I want one.