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Whether you're looking to perfect your STO play
Whether you're looking to enjoy teaming with fun, funny, and friendly adults
Whether you're looking to immerse yourself in the story

Boq botlhra'ghom (Alliance Central Command) is a great place to be!

Captains all have a story. What's yours?

Bu'Garr: Self Liberated Borg

As the 5 man salvage and sapper team worked its way to the reactor core of the crippled Borg sphere, they didn't notice the glint of recognition in 16 of 128's eyes. They passed his regeneration station expecting no reaction as they had previously planted a shutdown subroutine in the collective's matrix before they made this run. Having taken every piece of technology showing sights of promise, and tagging for beam out before the Borg warp core was to be blown, there was nothing but success and celebration ahead.

But the best laid plans...... Out of thin air the team was surrounded, and a smooth loot run just became the fight of the sapper team's lives. Not about to lose their honor, and become a machine, the fight was on. One, two, and three drones were blasted before the Borg adapted. Commander Krag fell when the tubes found the back of his neck infesting him with nanites which will soon enslave him to the machines.

T'ang seeing her superior compromised put an end to his dishonor with her disruptor. But while Commander Krag is safe in Stovo'kor, the 4 remaining sappers were on their way to a worse fate. Then something amazing happened! One by one, the assailing drones slumped over, and fell to the ground until one drone was left standing. This drone was different. He held the bloody mevak that belonged to Commander Krag in his right hand, and lifted it high, and proclaimed "I am not a machine!" Then he slumped to the deck.

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