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08-21-2012, 02:16 AM
Had a cracking run on ISE earlier, during my routine 'hour before work' STO time.

Myself (in my Armitage), a Kar' fi carrier, an Atrox, a Fleet Patrol Escort and a Galaxy-X.

Fantastic DPS between us, 10% rule observed, we mopped the floor with the cubes and spheres and when it came to gate/tactical cube, three took to the cube and myself and the Atrox took the gate - made somewhat easier by our swarms of fighters assisting.

All done with just over three minutes to spare, and received two EDC's and two Prototype Salvage's!

LOVE it when it goes that smoothly!
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Instead of asking the question "Why are players doing this?"

The question being asked is, "How do we stop players from doing this?"

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