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Originally Posted by blitzsth View Post
This happened to me tonight, while it was not really anyone fault. It was just one of those "all the NPC hate me" I will also point out that I have run Elites for a few months now and when I run with my fleet buddies, we 99% of the time complete each STFE with about 2-5 mins on the clock and get every bonus objective.

Ok, so tonight I unpacked my cardassian Galor, set it up and went testing it on STFE and everything was going wonderful. I GUP for ISE and so the story begins.

So we head over to the cube and by "we" I mean just 2 of us. At first you might think, oh great another AFK story, but you would be wrong. They started to head over 1 at a time, so at least they were starting to play. While keeping an eye on them, I didn't spot the damage I had taken and the heavy plasma torpedo hitting me square in the face.

1st death.

So I heal myself spawn and head back into the fight, about 2 mins later the cube goes pop. I realise now that it has taken us about 4 mins to pop that cube and know now some of these guys don't have any real DPS, but I persist and we kill the spheres. I say in chat "10% rule would be nice" like I do every time I gup and to my surprise I get a reply back saying "agreed" so we head over to the left cube and begin the attack.

2nd death.

Yep, out of no where I just go pop, 100% shields 100% HPs to zero in the blink of an eye. FINE, I think, heal, respawn and head back over. We take out the cube drop the gens following the 10% rule pop the tranny and start hitting the in coming spheres.

3rd death.

Yes another random death from 100% to zero. Heal and head back in helping to pop the spheres which takes longer than normal, due to some of them not having any high DPS. So we head over to the right side. As normal I leave a 13-15k distance from the gate.

4th death.

Yep another random blink of the eye death, caused by the gate, even thou I was about 15k away. So I heal and head back into the fight. I would like to point out that it was not just me that was dying, but I care not to mention how many times some of them died.

Ok so skipping ahead. We were taking down the gens and I had mine at 10% a lot quicker than them. I decided to look at each of their gens to see who was not doing much damage. Spotted who they were and asked them how many STFE they had done and got an honest answer. "not many". "NP" I replied "but you should run normals until you have better Borg gear before trying elite"

Skip ahead to killing the spheres 2 more deaths, after heading back the tac cube decides he just doesn't like me and aggro's on me even thou I left a 40k distance from it on the way back to help the others. Another death caused by and aggro'ed cube and an angry gate. Respawn only to find the cube sitting near the spawn point waiting for me. WTF, ok, I run from it to get back over to the others and we pop the gate. Everyone starts to hit the cube, but I notice a sphere that has been missed and it has decided to aggro me. Ok I will kill it and the others can work on the cube, which should then aggro onto them.

Nope, the cube is still angry and aggro'ed on me, Why? I don't know maybe he didn't like the cut of my jib. Even thou they are attacking it, the cube ignores them and attacks me. As well as the forgotten sphere. I did manage to kill the sphere before I went pop. So respawn and oh joy the cube is back at the spawn waiting for me, even thou the others were attacking it. WTF

We managed to take down the cube and I managed to incur no more deaths, but I was not happy. I was not unhappy with my fellow team mates, I know the risk in gupin, so getting annoyed about it is pointless. I was miffed at how many random complete BS deaths I had. I don't think I have died that many time in a single night of STFE, maybe even 2 nights of running them.
Wow - talk about bad luck! Though it does seem as if the whole thing was made worse by the inexperienced team. Saying that, we've all encountered those and, as you say, it would be nice if they'd complete a few normal-level STF's before trying Elite.
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