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I would try to get rid of DEM2 because it's not very useful in PvE. In its place, put EPTS3 for better survivability.

TSS1 or 2 would also help shield resilience due to the large 15 second regenerative boost and damage resistance to pile on top of EPTS. I normally skip hazard emitters because of the long cooldown.

Use a Shield Distribution Officer to make Brace for Impact another backup shield recharge ability.

Instead of having two Tactical Team Is, invest in 2x Rare Conn Officer doffs that will reduce your Tac Team recharge to a mere 16 seconds, negating the need to double up.

Also, if you really want to make that one lone cannon skill more effective, use Attack Pattern Beta to boost its damage.

Removing one of the tactical teams means you can have TS1 and HY2 as your torpedo spam skills. HY is useful in certain situations, TS is useful for others. Having both means you can pick the best option.

While not crucial in normal PVE, in Elite STFs you need far superior firepower and damage resistance than what you're proposing, especially if a command cruiser cannot move to save itself from anything but has to provision redundant defensive abilities just like a Fed ship.

For future builds, bear in mind a large number of tactical powers on a cruiser-type ship does not mean a more powerful build. Over-focus on offensive powers means a squishy and sadly useless cruiser (since it does not have a high enough defence rating to survive without major self-buffs appled -just before- entering a shooting match).
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