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08-21-2012, 03:55 AM
Originally Posted by chi1701d View Post
Unfortunately, the cryptic responses to questions like this are not what you would like to hear. Since its a visual bug and not a game breaking bug, it will be on the bottom of bug fixes to get done. Also, since its a zen store ship (cryptic store), it would cost them $ to go back and hire/use staff to go back and fix a graphical issue that probably wont bring back more income to cover the cost to fix the issue.
This isn't a complex issue that requires the model to be tweaked; we're talking a quick window fix. It's really simple:

1. Add the windows to the part where they're missing.
2. Make all the windows the same colour.

Having done modelling and texturing work for a mod that is presently nearing completion, I can tell you that a quick edit of the window layer, and a joining of the window layers between the different pieces, wouldn't take one person very long.

Frankly, I'd fix it for free, if they'd allow me to do so. I just want my ship to not look like I stole someone else's saucer, lol.