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Originally Posted by th3xr34p3r View Post
1. Calm down
2. Please refrain from abusive behavior
3. If your finding it difficult to learn the default keybinds then ask for advice on a better layout fitting your playstyle be it right or left handed. (this goes hand in hand with 2)
4. Learning a new layout takes time and when you do its all muscle memory from there.

Also since I presume you are new to mmos entirely and pc gaming i will point you to the following: (mainly for the guide itself not the games mentioned)
and last but not least

thx for that. Fact is, that nearly every key in this game can be changed, so the complain about the standard keybind has no real value, since they are not obligatory to use.
myself i changed nearly half of all keys to better suit my playstyle and or mirror other games i played before.
for instance right click to enter aim mode...
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