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08-21-2012, 05:52 AM
I have a good three that would (well I believe) help improve the STO experience.

Short -

Bridge Displays, please make one bridge in your bridge packs that we buy a muti-ship bridge. Another words, just take one of the bridges, and remove the ship diagram off the display and replace it with a generic computer console display. Only, one bridge per pack, to keep it simple. But it would allow us to be more versatile with your bridges.

Mid- Or Long-

I am not sure which one would be easier first so i just put them both here.

Shuttle Scale-

Have you ever gone for a flight in your shuttle around Earth Space Dock? Just from that and when you do the vault single player mission, there is a slight mistake in the shuttle scale. The shuttles need to be about 50% smaller (at least, from just my goofing around), this is just to give you more of a realism that they would actually be able to fit in our shuttle bays. Well without a warp nacelle in the briefing room.

Flight Gimble-

I believe that it would help improve our situational awareness (both Fed, and Klingon ships of course) to just have a simple three axis flight gimble in our heads up display. I have sometimes in the heat of battle finding myself turning the camera to a profile shot of the ship to just figure our my angle of attack. It would just have to be a simple ship design like a cruiser for Fed and maybe a bird for the Klingons.