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08-21-2012, 05:56 AM
The Armitage is highly annoying thanks to those Danube TB pets and it is a better firepower vessel with its 15 turnrate and (3) Tac/ (1) LTC engineer and (1) LT science BOffs, its 4/3/2 consoles and its 32khull and 4703 shields.
It literally is the best of both the escort and the carrier in all respects, but it can be overcome.
You must specifically design a vessel to fight against it and its spam. Iether an escort designed to burst AoE to keep its pets down or a Battle Cruiser designed to slug it out AoE style with the Armitage directly and somewhat ignore the TB spamming pets.

How ever one overcomes the Armitage, there is no denying that it was designed to be a "little OP" to sell better given its fantastic stats and I would not be upset to see the KDf design something to offset its advantages, as befits and arms race.

You would think that since by Dev design the KDF brought Carriers and pet spam to the game, we would better know how to fight against such a tactic and have the counter measures to do so.

Like possibly a better forward weapon slotted Raptor class/ Battle Cruiser class the same BOff set up, standard battle cruiser or raptor turn rate and a 5/2 forward focused weapons arraingment.
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