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Originally Posted by z0gra View Post
So i kindly ask Devs not to nerf the federation escort ship but to give us (KDF) a same or a simillar ship that got both lt comm tac and enginner and got 7 weapons and hangar bay also and those tractor pets also plz.
The Mighty KDF already have a beast of a carrier "Kar Fi" now if you can't beat an Armatage in that theres something wrong with you.

I have them both I wouldn't call my self either a Fed or Klingon sided player as I tend to play both sides equally as much.

While the Kar fi isn't an "Escort" it can certainly hold its own against one with a whole bunch of ways to get loose of those horrible tractor beams (if its any consolation I don't use those pets on my Armatage nor do I use it in pvp).

And another KDF ship that can wrip those Armatages a new one is the Siege destroyer, that thing just owns especially with quad cannons on it. With an engineer or Science officer covering you while you unload a massive amount of dps you shouldn't have any problems unless of course some one gets your cover.

If the KDF need a new ship its a Science one as other than the Carrier there are no Sci ships unless you pay for them from the c-store and that is totally unfair.