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Hi roach (if you are)
I better be becuase otherwise I'm wearing his underwear.

you have been a great help to me when i was trying to learn things about the game/skills etc etc TYVM for the information you provided into these forums you have helped both kdf and fed community very much i believe and personally me without you i wouldnt be here atm.
I try. Sometimes I succeed.

Now to our point the only countermeasure against those damn tractor boats is AP omega and it got 1 min CD if i recall correctly. Also it shares somehow CD with AP beta and delta.

Not sure if the Polarize Hull works against tractor boats cause if i break 1 tractor then another boat will tractor me and the Polarize Hull will be on CD but even it works u gotta sucrifice a lot of survival just for to be able to break one tractor effect.

I still strongly persist that fed escort carrier is way to much OP ship and either nerf it or because i dont like to nerf things especially KDF things Just give us the same ship with different look
Its the combination of the great Escort stats of the Armitage and those TB happy Danubes that makes the vessel so deadly becuase while it moves around to postion for the burst attack the danubes are holding you in place and dismissing any movement defense you may have.

In a one to one it can not be beat easily or without great skill or unless on has a slightly more OP vessel (say bug ship), the advantages are stacked too much in its favor (that little bit OP again). It must be overcome by teamwork. Someone must attack its pets and render them useless while another attacks the Armitage itself.

EWP, Gwell, Theta Vent, possibly SS, even a Cannon/Beam array + DEM set up is effective against the pets.

Unfortunately against the TB pets Polarize Hull is easily overcome due to multiple TBs and even ApO is little efective for the same reason and its long Cool Down.
Frankly it is OP but I doubt the Devs will ever change it, as they have already stated that Cstore ships must be a little OP to sell better (by thier reckoning). I would prefer we KDF players learn the tactics to overcome it until the Devs see fit to design us an Anti-Carrier vessel to compensate.
Something like an anti-CnC vessel;
Escort Hull:32,000
Standard Shields:4,703
(Mk X)Weapons: 3 3
Can equip dual cannons.
Bridge Officers:
(1) LTC/Tactical
(1) LT/tactical
(1) Commander/Science
(1) Ensign/Engineer
(1) LT/ Engineer

Device Slots:2
Consoles: 4T 2E 3S
Turn Rate:12
Impulse Modifier:0.20
Bonus Power:
+10 weapons power
+5 Auxillary power

Anti-Support Craft Modules:
(2) Designated Consoles - Anti-support craft modules
Rare locked Console (can be used or removed from ship only- non universal)
Bind On Pickup

Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Automatically Attacks Nearby pets

195 Disruptor Damage x4 per sec for 15 sec (divided among all available pet only targets)
(3x damage to Frigates
(10x damage to small crafts)
10% proc chance Jams Sensors (against pets only)

Buffable by CRF/CSV abilities.

If such is not too much. (though a little OP will make it sell better, or so the theory goes.)
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The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.