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Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
purvee1 interesting idea that I may have to try.

First off, this is just my opinion.

Can you get the first defense turret? If you could I would put that in instead of the the point defense console. I would try the quad or even just DCs and see if your damage changes.
Next, if you want you could try anti-proton for the crit proc. But with just the one weapon it may not be the best idea.

You may want to try the omega set because of the extra damage and it may be about the same defense. I don't know just wondering how it would change.

What do you have in the other front spot?


Yeah anti-proton are a possibility. however at the moment my AP weapons are all from before the level cap was raised (so MK X). That's why I went Phasers, on the test flight, so I could use my MK XI purples.

Up front I have 2x DHC's.
I must admit I was thinking Dual cannons instead due to their firing cycle being less Bust like.

MACO set: I've never done a STF so I only have access to the episode rewards, and the Breen one is rather unhelpful.

Its just occurred to me. The Klingon Fighter, with the repair platform could work even better than the Fed one!