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Max out your diplomacy rating and you can get automatic and permanent diplomatic immunity to come and go into and out of Klingon space as much as you like and you won't need to get people to give you diplomatic immunity to do it, you can do this by getting diplomatic experience through DOff assignments, through any exploration missions that don't involve combat and through the First contact missions provided by Jiro Sugihara on ESD in Admiral Quinn's office (unless that's changed)
You need to be Rank 3 to get First Contact missions, so by that point you'd already have access. You can do Diplomatic Investigations before then, for only 100 diplomatic xp.

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Sadly all you'll be able to do is look around and do the borg red alert.

Fed access to KDF space and KDF access to FED space is really only useful for accolade completion and shortcuts.
Well, and DOffing, which was the primary reason I wanted it.

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