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# 12 we all agree
08-21-2012, 08:12 AM
most of the projects offered have a payout that does not come remotely close to the associated expenses.

200k dilithium for a blurry starscape
200k for plants and columns w/ newsfeeds rotating in such a way as to be unreadable
(most of us read left to right)
200k for tribbles (I drew the line here)

250 ales and rotguts for a bar that offers nothing special is ludicrous.

I spent about 12 million on purple doffs on the exchange and cashed in some of my mission reward doffs to get those three contacts on my starbase. Do they offer anything special? No, not really.

We all see plainly these are bad, the question should be why is Cryptic doing this to us?
In a game where we are starving for something to personalize/customize/call our own they are giving us all the same choices at astronomical prices. We keep funding these projects in the hope that somehow, someday they will start magically being a smart investment. Maybe out of the goodness of the devs' hearts they will offer something they don't yet. We are investing in hopes and dreams.

I have to grind every time I log in now, just for the privilege of buying hope.
I've been holding my real life money tight to see where this was going. I see $7 EV suits, $30 ships etc. and I clutch even tighter. Suit is worth .50 and the ships are worth $3 maybe. You don't want to sell them at fair price though do you? Scarcity is license to gouge. You make me sad.