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Originally Posted by elandarksky View Post
I think its to keep with the canon of it from the movie,

Though sadly i dont require a tension scene when firing it, i'd rather see my torpedo hit my target instead of a cloaked ship go to full impulse under cloak..

At the very least they should make the torpedo keep the target in red alert situation, no full impulse = higher chance of a hit.
I just watched the movie, last night. It moves the same speed as a regular torpedo, just erratic because the Bird of Prey was behind the Enterprise, and the torpedo had to sniff its way to the target.

In the game, however, the torpedo moves like a snail and the only way to get hit by it is be held in a tractor beam or stuck in a gravity well which defeats the purpose of even using it.

In other Star Trek games, your speed is reduced when you are cloaked because it draws a lot of power from your engines.

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