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08-21-2012, 08:41 AM
I wish cryptic never invented this carrier bs... And it all started with the neglected kdf faction from the beginning of the game 2+ yrs ago. Rather than create more ships for kdf, make bop w universals and add a carrier. And with carrier the whole fun went away (no offense to you carrier aficionados, lol).

To the op, I would rather see a better bop designed than another carrier. Lol. I hate them. But to be fair, in 1-1, the only annoyance to fight armitage is its tractor pets. If you fly cruiser, put at least a faw, if it happen to be buffed, you clean those poor shuttles in few seconds. Also have a ph handy. As an escort, is even easier. Chain 2 apo and a ph and get the armitage. Sad thing is that now, other than guramba and craptor, kdf doesn't have a faction specific escort... Oh, bop, but vs an armitage, I think we all know the result. Guramba and captor are both on the verge to became obsolete also. So the only solution kdf has is to unlock the damn boxes to get a bug when they start offering it again. Bug on the other hand (w 2 apo and ph) will slice through an armitage (considering 2 equally skilled players). A properly set tac bortie (faw, Bo, ph, maybe a torp spread) is just laughing at it.

Edit: Even in a non 1-1 scenario, with relatively balanced teams, I don't see armitage as a threat, at least not more than a bug or even a defiant.

But please, guys, don't ask for more carriers. Lol.
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