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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
Can't find my archived post, but the math's fairly straightforward. Here's the breakdown:

Base warp speed:
Borg: 14
MACO: 12
Everything else: 10
Slipstream: 20

Driver coils is a (skill/2)% increase, but can't break the warp 10 barrier with most engines. At 9/9 you have 99 skill, or a 49.5% increase to warp speed. MACO engines have a boost to driver coils, 8.8 on the mk XIIs. So now the base speeds (MACO assumed to be mk XII):

Borg: 20.93
MACO: 18.47
Other engines: 10
Slipstream: 29.9
Slipstream with MACO: 30.78

Ok, figuring average speeds, you have to consider how often you slipstream. Slipstream lasts 30 seconds (60 on the Odyssey), and starts a 2 minute cooldown at the end. OMEGA engines drop the cooldown to 1 minute.
So, our averages (9/9 driver coils, MACO again assumed XII, also assuming you can manage perfect uptime on slipstream).

Non-Odyssey ships:
Borg: 22.724
MACO: 20.93
Omega: 16.633
Everything else: 13.98

Borg: 23.92
MACO: 22.573
Omega: 19.95
Other: 16.633

So, basically, your best bet is an Odyssey with Borg engines.

Diplomatic Immunity and Raiding Party are tempoary buffs that you have to get from somebody else - even if you have tier 3 diplomacy/marauding, you can't give yourself the buff, only other people. You can still enter enemy sectors, but don't get the warp speed buff.

They go away after time, or if you leave sector space. Their current form according to tooltips is a +50 buff to driver coils, bringing us to 149/2= 74.5%. With this, our speeds are (same assumptions as above, note omega and other engines are still capped at 10, but you do enjoy the buff to slipstream):

Borg: 24.43, Slipstream 34.9, average 26.524
MACO: 21.468, 35.78, average 24.1544
Omega: 10, 34.9, average 18.3
Other: 10, 34.9, average 14.98

Borg: 24.43, Slipstream 34.9, average 27.92
MACO: 21.468, 35.78, average 26.238
Omega: 10, 34.9, average 22.45
Other: 10, 34.9, average 18.3
Ok, I will have to get the borg engines from my Excelsior to try them out. But heres the run down without any buffs on my NX that Im building as a "racer". I thought of using the Odyssey cause mine doesnt have a count down when I enter transwarp I think the 2 year anniversary one has no limit but still has a 2 minute cool down.

MACO Mk XI impulse engines
w/o Slip Stream = Transwarp 17.53
w/ Slip Stream = Transwarp 29.21

Omega Mk XI impulse engines
w/o Slip Stream = Transwarp 10.0
w/ Slip Stream = Transwarp 28.40

Borg Impulse Engines
w/o Slip Stream = Transwarp 19.88
w/ Slip Stream = Transwarp 28.40

Based off these two side by side comparison the Maco gives me faster speed without Slip Stream but the Omega gives me a quicker cool down but that might not be a benefit since I only use Slip Stream on long straight runs. The Borg Impulse engines gives me a faster transwarp speed without Slip Stream enabled than the MACO Mk XI impulse engines but the same Slip Stream speed as the Omega Mk XI Impulse engines.

Well I tested my Galaxy class ship again and it seems to have the same results as my NX. When I was messing with it yesterday the Galaxy class had higher speed`s than the NX with the same engines.


Ok I did a dry run with the Odyssey with the Borg engines, slip stream does only last 1 min on mine also dont know why theres no count down timer. I was how ever able to get the whole circuit done in 19 minutes and 10 seconds. Better than 20 minutes I was doing with my Galaxy. But the 20 minutes I did in my galaxy was with Mk X MACO impulse engines I think I will use the galaxy again at 8pm tonight for the first Tour the Universe and see if the MACO Mk XI impulse engines will shave some time off then ill use the Odyssey on the next one.

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