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Hey all!

I was just looking for some advice on what you guys thought was a good choice for a Tactical Captain.

I don't PvP. I PvE and do STFs only pretty much. I am also into a bit of RP. I own every ship in the game, except the Galor, which I have little interest in anyway. The problem is, I'm a bit of a ship collector and with so many ships I cannot decide on which one I want to use as my main ship. I use certain ships in certain situations, i.e. I bring my Jemmie into Elite STFs, but as my main, I am very indecisive. I think my problem is finding a ship that is both efficient for a tac, as well as fits RP for a fleet admiral.

The current ships I am deciding between are:

JAS - Currently using MK 12 Polaron DHC, MK 12 quantum torp fore. 3 MK 12 Polaron turrets aft, and the full Jem set. I like this ship and I recognize it's power and its usefulness in STFs and basically killing everything, but it doesn't feel right as a main ship RP wise.

Ferengi D'Kora - Currently using MK 12 Phaser DHC and MK 12 quantum torp fore, 3 MK 12 Phaser turrets and the wide arc quantum torp aft.

Tholian Recluse Carrier - MK 12 DBB Phased tetyron, Tholian Thermionic Torp, and wide arc quantum fore. 3 MK 12 phased tetryon turrets aft. Set up mostly as a heal boat currently.

Assault Cruiser Refit - Regent Class - 2x MK 12 phaser DBB, MK 12 phaser array, wide angle torp fore. 3 MK 12 phaser turrets, MK 12 quantum aft. I just got the ship, mostly for the quantum torp, but it is a nice looking ship, and I thought maybe I'd give it a shot.

I also have a Tholian Orb Weaver, but I'm not sure how well that works with a tac, I've
mostly used it as a CC based support ship when working with my fleet.
I wasn't really crazy about the Heavy Escort Carrier, but I set it up just to experiment with a full torpedo boats just for giggles. Haven't played around with it that much though.

Most of my ships are set up with Borg Engines/Deflector/Console and MACO MK 12 shields, except the Jem'Hadar. The rest of my consoles I set up depending on the ship and the situation. Bridge Officer and Doff set ups are also changed with ship and situation.

I know anything works in PvE. I'm really just asking for advice on balancing efficiency with RP.
Thanks in advance.