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# 838 Speaking of bugs.
08-21-2012, 12:25 PM
There is was....

I joined a fleet defense PuG and right away said 'hi'.

Someone else said 'hi' on voice chat.

Only four ships shows up total including me.

I look at all the ships, all had accolades of over 4000.

Then a ships drops out before the battle starts, we're down to three.

The voice chat guy says 'anyone else getting a lot of lag?'

I typed 'no'.

The battle starts.

I see the guy with the voice chat stuttering. Really bad stuttering, two or three seconds between jumps.

Then I hear him 'stupid game has so many bugs, I can't even play.'

I typed 'stutter is a computer problem, not the game.'

He says 'my mom just bought me this computer 3 years ago, it's a 1.6 with 1 gig memory and a GeForce 3 ti2000 video card. It should run this game just fine. Cryptic just sucks.'

Another ship drops out. We're down to 2.

I type 'you'd have better luck with a commodore 64.'

He said, 'my mom can't afford a commodore 64, she's on welfare'

I typed 'LOL'

He got pissed and said some dirty words and left.

Now it's just me. But I did finish off the third group and take away lots of loot.