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08-21-2012, 01:05 PM
For RPing and as a flagship, some big cruiser is probably most appropriate. Escorts are great for killing stuff but I imagine as a ship thats all they can do, with limited amenities or facilities for anything unrelated to tactical combat. A cruiser on the other hand has big sensor arrays, heavy communications gear, extensive lab facilities, cavernous cargo bays, and hundreds or thousands of support personnel, all the stuff to function as a mobile space station for field command, coordination, and logistical support of fleet operations. Escorts have the glam, but cruisers are the backbone. Its like the Starfleet version of the Air Force saying, "Fighters make movies, bombers make history."

Also, way back in TNG and DS9 (iirc), Admiral Nechayev got around in an old Excelsior rather than tie up something newer for rear-echelon work. Keeping the newest ships on the front lines and using older vessels in the rear makes more sense after all, so if you wanna follow that theme then a 50 year old Dreadnought (fitted with the latest toys of course) would make sense.

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