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08-21-2012, 01:10 PM
Sorry to put it this way , but welcome to a couple months ago, Buddy.

Since this article was posted on massively, Cryptic has done a poll which was accesible to all players of the game via an online link. The poll/survey was all about lockboxes and how to make them more tolerable, etc etc.

AND surprise ... they actually listened. The latest lockboxes , the Tholian ones, are a thousand times better than even the Ferengi ones were , compared to the earliest iterations of the lockboxes , these new ones are downright cool.

We are playing a game that is F2P. Cryptic and PWE need to do something to be making money, and dozens of people can post and screech on the forums about how they have the perfect way to make it happen, but at the end of the day, the lock box promotion is a tried and true source of a whole lot of income for MMOs. They would be morons not to use it.

We should be thankful that the Devs of our preferred game care enough to survey us and try and make them better.

Yes, lock boxes suck, for any of a thousand and three reasons discussed at length elsewhere in the forums. Regardless, the lockboxes are here to stay.
Live with it.