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Originally Posted by novathelegend View Post
Thanks for the replies.

I didn't even think of the Atrox for some reason. I forgot I had it. That is also a good suggestion.

I know tacs in escorts are the most efficient, that's why I bring them in Elite STFs when I do space, which isn't too often any more. I tend to forget about RP when doing space Elites. I can even RP why I would need to be in more of a strike ship while doing STFs.

I'm more talking about an every day ship.

Now with the Starbases in game (ours is approaching tier 3), I can spend a lot of time there too, but I still want a flagship for the fleet.
You seem to be looking for two things - an RP flagship and a "game play" ship.

In the former, we've had several suggestions.

In the latter, if you are looking for something completely unrelated to the former, then ultimately it's "pick what you want."

Myself, I want to have a ship that's both an RP flagship (I RP with myself mostly, writing out character reactions and whatnot) and a main game play ship, which causes problems since I'm rather indecisive. But if you can and do want to keep the two discrete then basically just pick the most appropriate for the former, and pick whatever you like for the latter.