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08-21-2012, 02:23 PM
5 tactical consoles buffing 4 DHCs for TT piercing, half your hulls gone bro alphas, being able to use 2 copies of RSP for the lulz, having more room for hull armor or turn consoles for more lulz, having a turn rate 10 points higher for milk coming out of my nose hilarity, and having a tiny bid more hull and shields as the final middle finger gesture to the fleet patrol, and everything else.

ya, sure, on par, right. if anyone was in doubt the bug ship was an i win button, they should look at this picture, they would be convinced it was. also note how the number of crew does not effect passive repair rate. thanks for making that clear, i didnt think it did. so it really is only the % alive that maters, the number of crew you have really is worthless just like i thought! LOL!
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