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08-21-2012, 02:30 PM
There are already countries looking to regulate this kind of stuff. You really want to see this in every other game you play? It's the precedent being set, I'll certainly be keeping an eye on any developments into it's regulation.

I don't agree with the lock box practice at all and never will. If PWE want to take my money they can, but only if I know I am getting something good in return. Give me awesome ships, really good costume pieces, fun extras that make the game enjoyable but don't hide loot behind a guess what you get pay system. Want my 4 quid? I'll take that uniform set or ship. You want 4 quid for a set of keys and probably a bunch of crap items? Forget it.

I'm a returning player and the game has made enough advances to catch my attention again, I even picked up a Ferasan just because they look pretty awesome. I'm willing to pay, not willing to be taken for a ride. If I wanted to gamble I'd walk down the road to Ladbrokes (and even they insist on 18+...).

Either way I'm now paying as little as I can due to this stupid system and putting the boxes on the exchange for some other poor sucker to pick up.