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08-21-2012, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
If you try to run dual rsp in the bug I think you would end up dead more often then you would suspect....

Yes the dual uni is nice.... really in all my playing with it the best setup is still the "fleet" setup.

When we have 5 tac console MVAMs and Defiants running around it will be more interesting.
If the bug wasn't the best they wouldn't be sought after.

Also, frankly just look at that turn rate. It matches the patrol boat in every other aspect in durability. But is FAR more agile, worse yet it has better Inertia, and an impulse modifier. Which makes it all but impossible to keep up with one, without being in a much squishier MVAM or Defiant. But yet it's as Hard as a Patrol escort, coupled with a far more flexible boff layout.

If you put 2 pilots of equal skill against each other, but one has the bug and the other doesn't, the best you can hope for is to draw against a bug throwing every single trick in the book at it. You'll never actually beat a bug without one, if the other pilot is as good as you are, it's simply too agile, and too durable.