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Originally Posted by husanakx View Post
If you try to run dual rsp in the bug I think you would end up dead more often then you would suspect....

Yes the dual uni is nice.... really in all my playing with it the best setup is still the "fleet" setup.

When we have 5 tac console MVAMs and Defiants running around it will be more interesting.
thats why i qualified that with for the lulz. a bug without some science is gonna regret it.

fleet defiant and fleet MVAM escorts running around would only make me less interested in playing

Originally Posted by mewi View Post
Talk about an exaggerated and nearly unreadable post.
really? talk about being in denial.

Originally Posted by dantrainor View Post
Bug is definitely not the iWin button it's made out to be.
the numbers tell other wise. it is categorically better then any other escort. its then up to the user to suck in it, or excel. a top tier bug user has no equal.
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